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Review of Hard-disk search tools

HotBot Quick Search Deskbar 3.1.6 - Lycos's HotBot Desktop provides a glimpse of the future, combining desktop and Internet searches, but other apps actually deliver these features now.

X1 Search 04.08 - This standalone desktop search tool, X1 Search, is blazingly fast but costs about $100 more than the nearest competitor. In our opinion, the free apps perform just as well.

Copernic Desktop Search - While it doesn't search the Internet, Copernic Desktop Search locates all file types on your hard drive and offers a pleasing interface.

blinkx - Blinkx doesn't index your entire hard drive, but the files it misses are the image files most people want to find. We'll wait for the next release of this desktop search tool.

Lookout 1.2 - Regular Outlook fans will find this desktop search tool easy to use, but the rest of us may be frustrated. 

The other important tools missing in the review are Filehand, dtSearch and x-friend.