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The Power of Macromedia Flash

Look at some very amazing human face illustrations made exclusively in Flash.

Now who says that Flash is only for web applications and not for artists ?

Juniat says ..

Vector graphics let you work with lines and forms instead of a map of pixels, giving you amazing versatility and scalability.
Your drawings look good at any size and they weight much less than raster images.

I mainly start with a huge idea that I sketch on paper. Then I acquire it with my scanner and I begin tracing out the main outlines of the figure using only and exclusively Macromedia Flash.

After doing that, I start using the linear and radial gradients of Flash to give a first idea of 3dimensionality, that I complete adding more details with different shades and particulars like hair, eyelashes, eyebrows etc.

The final result is formed by a number of layers which changes according to the complexity of the illustration.