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My favourite technology program in India

If you are in India, you would definitely miss some TV channels like CNet, TechTV, ZDNet which are beemed across western nations.

But don't loose heart completely. There is one program on BBC which can satisfy your thirst for technology program to some extent.

The program is Click Online and you can watch it on Mondays at 10pm IST. And if you miss the show some day because you had to attend your cousin's wedding, you can still watch the recording of the program which is available at this site.

The guy Stephen Cole is a jovial host and keeps you glued to your seat for the entire 30 minutes. The Webscape section towards the end of program is very interesting and I definitely check the links featured in the program.

Click Online can be seen on BBC World TV at the following times (GMT):
Thursday 19:30 | Saturday 00:30 / 06:30 | Monday 16:30 | Tuesday 00:30 / 07:30 | Wednesday 13:30