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Local PC Search Not Perfect

When the whole world is excited about the advent of new tools to search your billions of bytes stored in your hard drive, here is a different story from the Associated Press.

Matthew Fordahl, AP Technology Writer comments If you want to find a needle of information in the seemingly endless haystack that is the Web, just punch a few words into your favorite Internet search engine. But if you want to pull up a file from your PC's hard drive, good luck.

Read this interesting story here.

Matthew also mentions of another startup, Viapoint Corp. Not only is it a search utility, it also categorizes as it indexes — something that allows for quick, logical browsing that's much more intuitive than keeping information in random folders. Viapoint also compiles a list of companies from the PC's contents. Click on a company name, and it lists all contacts, e-mail addresses and any messages or files received from the firm. The software is available as a 14-day free trial. After that, it's $29 a year or $49 for a perpetual license. It stops working when the subscription lapses.

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