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IconDeveloper - create you own Windows icons

IconDeveloper is a freeware program that lets users easily create their own Windows icons. IconDeveloper is different because it is designed in such a way so that non-technical users can also create icons.

With IconDeveloper, does NOT include its own icon editor. Instead, it focuses on making it easy for users to take existing images from any source and turn them into icons quickly and easily. An image copied into the clipboard can be pasted as an icon. It can load up virtually any common graphic format type up and turn them into icons.

New in v1.1 is an easier to use interface, support for larger icons, and some bug fixes.

IconDeveloper is freeware. An enhanced version is also available that enables serious icon creators to change the colors of icons as well as perform various batch operations (make changes to entire groups of icons at once). The enhanced version is also part of Stardock's Object Desktop.

Screenshot: Click here
Download: IconDeveloper

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