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Google Mirror - elgooG

Google Mirror is wonderfully impressive. A common practice for busy websites is to create a mirror site, which is an exact replica of the original site but on a different server. This way if one server is really busy, you can go to the other server. elgooG is a play on this idea, except instead of an exact replica of the site, it's a mirror image of the site.

The Google Mirror is implemented using a CGI script on our server. Your web browser requests a Google URL from our server. Our server then opens an HTML connection to the Google server and gets your desired web page. Our server analyzes the contents of the page, reverses it, and sends the mirrored page back to your web browser. In some sense, our server is acting as a proxy (albeit a very strange proxy) between your web browser and the Google server. Any images in the requested web page are also downloaded to our server and mirrored. Currently only JPEG and GIF images are supported. A caching system is used for common images and web pages.

The mirror site is a parody of the English language version of Google in which all the text on the web pages has been reversed. The text terms used for searches are also entered in reverse. Viewing the page using a mirror makes it somewhat easier to read, and would allow someone to find a website. Web site "mirroring" normally involves copying the contents of a site and hosting on a different server. This can be useful if one server is particularly busy.