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Google Desktop Search versus Microsoft Windows Search

In this era of Desktop search wars, my favourite search string is tool comparison. There are already too many posts in this blog which compare different tools like X1, CDS, GDS, blinkx... This article compares GDS with MS tools which are yet to make a foray into the search field.

Google Desktop Search Software can’t find your lost keys or tell you where you left the Tivo remote control, or that your glasses are on top of your head, where you left them. But the beta software from Google Labs is nothing short of mandatory for those with more emails, Word documents, Powerpoint, Excel and PDF files than they know what to do with. That’s me.

New fixtures in our lives can become near necessities pretty quickly. You know, like the Tivo remote when you want to skip repetitive loud jingles in commercials. I’ve even begun to start reaching for that Tivo remote out of habit when I’ve missed an important news item on the car radio! Wait, Back up!

I’ll grin as I catch myself doing this, while wondering why that Tivo functionality isn’t built into our new car radio. My wife has told me she does the same thing. Now I believe I’ve been just as spoiled & smitten by Google Desktop Search!

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