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Favourite Firefox extensions

I've find these extensions very handy so I thought I'd post them in the hope it helps someone else experience the unique surfing experience with this great browser.

  • Tabbrowser - Improves your Tab Browsing. You can configure all sort of things like new tabs open from search windows, links clicked from outlook open in background window, bookmark set of pages as tabs, and much much more. It is a highly recommended extension for Firefox users.  When browsing through the main page of a news site, you can click on story titles and have them load in background tabs to be read later.
  • IE View - Open pages in IE via Firefor right click menu - This extension comes in handy when your encounter sites which load only in IE.
  • Adblock - Filter ads from webpages.  You can stop all kinds annoying ads on web pages. Blocking them speeds up your browsing as well.
  • BugMeNot - Byepass compulsory registration in websites like New York Times, Washington Post. You can even contribute to this site database. Particularly useful if you open a news article from Google News and are faced with the compulsory registration page.
  • Context Search - Expands the context menu's Web Search to include other search engines (Mycroft search plugins)
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