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Confused between RSS and Atom feed ?

Are you wondering whether to go for RSS or Atom, then go for Feedburner which offers both.

A reader ready page is produced with an easy-peasy interface and compatibility lives. It comes with extras too. Ever been curious as to who’s been reading you? Want to make a few extra off Amazon links? It’s all there and integrated.

The bonus add ins get a bit more practical, if you're one of the few unfortunates that's had your content stolen, you'll be interested in its capability to add a Creative Commons license to the feed. No more vagueness about copy and paste, or having to explain the DMCA to 16 year olds on AIM. The information is right there for all to see. Support for Flickr accounts mesh photoblogging even if your blog host doesn't support it. The account creation process for Feed Burner is simple and intuitive. I couldn't find any hidden requests for money, which makes me sceptical, but it is in the beta stages.

Total time to build a suitable RSS/Atom feed, with entry and photographs came to about 30 minutes and was a lot easier than trying to learn how to do it myself.

See RSS feed of this blog.
Via Lockergnome.