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BenefIT - A new technology magazine from EFY group

Today, I received a sample copy of BenefIT - Businesses must benefit from IT

It is a first issue of the magazine from the same group which publishes the popular Electronics for You and Linux for You, the only Linux exclusive magazine India.

The content of the magazine focuses on how non-IT sectors are benefiting from IT. It carries reviews of latest hardware / software products available in India. Then there were general internet related tips and useful websites.

The review of Microsoft Office contained more Office screenshots and less content though the title of the article was "Get the maximum out of Microsoft Office".

There is a "Price Wars" section which carries news regarding tariffs of mobile operators in India. Useful for anyone thinking of buying a new connection or switching an operator.

The magazine also features news about Yahoo domain products - Have your own domain name. I was wondering why this news was in the magazine when these Yahoo products are not even available in India. Check out and you won't find Yahoo for Small Business offered there.

Overall, the magazine is fine for non-tech people and is worth the introductory price of Rs 10.