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Must Have Tools for Web Design

ColorPic - There certainly is no shortage of specialized eyedropper utilities, but few have pulled all the right functionality together as usefully and elegantly as Nico Westerdale's ColorPic.

Accessibility Toolbox - Ian has pulled together some of the accumulated wisdom found at his renowned site. At this point, it comprises of an 'accessible form element builder' paired with an 'accessible pop-up builder'. There are buttons reserved for 'accessible tables' and 'accessible forms' but there's no word as to whether these are due any time soon

MWSnap - Screen capture? What's wrong with the old Print Screen button? Nothing at all but MWSnap is one of those nicely crafted little apps that makes it faster and easier for you to continue working the way you already do. It's all about ease and convenience.

TopStyle - Nick Bradbury got sick of the HTML editor he was using and decided to sit down and darn well write his own. HomeSite went on to become one of the early success stories of HTML editing until it was eventually subsumed by the Macromedia Megaship. Nick snuck out of HomeSite, but continued doing what he does best - writing nifty little editors for burgeoning technologies. In this case, it's a beautiful little CSS editor called TopStyle.